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New Jersey Trusts Bellari

Even though Somerville Aluminum rebranded itself as Bellari in late 2018, what hasn’t changed is our guiding principle of excellence in all things. We changed our name to better reflect how we’ve changed and grown as an organization, and we’re very excited about what the future holds.

Read What the Local Leaders Have to Say About Our Family

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Steve Kalafer

Steve Kalafer

Chairman, Somerset Patriots Baseball Team

“Bellari has been an excellent partner for the Somerset Patriots baseball team and our fans, since they were known as Somerville Aluminum. The company has been innovative in the way they make their presence felt at the ballpark through a variety of sponsorships and placements, including our party deck. Fans also enjoy the exclusive benefits and discounts they provide. The ownership team of David Gropper and Gary Shiman plays an active role in ensuring our relationship transcends that of a traditional sponsor. Most importantly, we value our partnership with Bellari because they embody the same values about quality, service, and community leadership the Somerset Patriots do. Simply put, they are part of our family.”

Christopher “Kip” Bateman

Christopher “Kip” Bateman

New Jersey Senate, District 16

“Bellari is a great example for other businesses, same as it was during its many years known as Somerville Aluminum. They have been and will continue to be a staple in the area and will continue to demonstrate a commitment to the community through the work they do with various organizations. The success of their business has continued to create job opportunities for skilled labor in the area. They are the kind of business every town should welcome.”

Chris Edwards

President & CEO, Somerset County Business Partnership

“Now more than ever it is important for local businesses to work together in a post COVID-19 world. Bellari has been a trusted member of our community and of the Somerset County Business Partnership for decades. Their leadership in energy-efficient products and dedication to their customers is what makes them such a valuable asset to our neighbors.”

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