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Professionally-Installed Awnings in New Jersey

Everyone looks forward to the summer months, but when temperatures rise, the heat may make it unbearable to enjoy relaxing on your deck. Add a cool, shady oasis to your outdoor space with professionally installed awnings from Bellari. From standard fixed awnings to versatile retractable awnings available with power and remote controls, it’s easy to stay comfortable as you enjoy time outside.

deck with red and white striped awning

The Benefits of Awnings

While you’ll surely appreciate the escape from summer sun provided by an awning, you might be surprised to learn about some additional benefits. For example, you’ll likely see a reduction in cooling costs, as installing an awning can reduce heat gain by more than 77% and lower indoor temperatures up to 15%. With these kinds of savings, awnings pay for themselves over time.

While awnings provide a retreat from harmful UV rays, they also offer similar protection for your décor, including furniture, window coverings, and carpets. Extended exposure to UV rays can damage fibers and result in fading over time, diminishing the beautiful appearance of your home.

large covered awning

Types of Awnings

With a large selection of high-quality awnings available at Bellari, you’ll be able to find just what your home needs. Ask about our retractable awnings, so you can control how much light enters your home at specific times during the day or consider a simple fixed awning for cost-effective and reliable shade. We also carry:

  • Retractable window awnings
  • Exterior retractable solar drop screens
  • Insect drop screens
  • Fixed patio covers

Our awnings are made by some of the industry’s top brands, like Sunbrella and Eclipse Shading Systems, to make sure your investment lasts through heat waves and summer storms to come. And thanks to a diverse assortment of options, from rugged water- and UV-resistant fabrics to a variety of patterns and colors, it’s simple to create a stylish space that’s perfect for hosting friends and family.

Get Started Today with Awnings from Bellari

Ready for a cooler, shadier summer at your Northern, Central, or Southern Jersey home? Contact Bellari in Branchburg, NJ to choose your awnings and schedule a professional installation. Call us at 908-725-8401 to speak with a helpful representative who can answer your questions and help determine the right options for your home, plus provide information about our warranty and financing options.

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