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4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Siding

Nowadays, professionally installed, high-quality siding will last for decades. But that hasn’t always been the case, and if your New Jersey home is still outfitted with older siding, it may be time to seek out expert siding replacement services. Below are a few situations that may mean it’s time for you to consider new siding.

  1. There are cracks in your current siding.

A crack or two might not seem like too much of a threat, but the reality of the situation is that even the slightest opportunity for water to find its way beneath your siding could eventually lead to long-term structural damage. Fortunately, if caught early, this problem can be mitigated by either replacing the affected areas or providing your home with brand-new siding, top to bottom.

  1. Your siding is loose.

It’s no secret that loose siding is a serious problem. No matter the source of the issue – whether the siding wasn’t properly installed originally or it was damaged by the elements – replacing this siding with new, properly installed siding is a smart move.

  1. You’re tired of performing maintenance.

As we mentioned earlier, siding wasn’t always built for long-term strength and minimal maintenance. If you’re sick of the upkeep required by your home’s current siding, consider an update. New vinyl siding is virtually maintenance free, typically retaining its like-new look with nothing but a basic, yearly cleaning.

  1. You simply want a nicer-looking home.

While what’s on the inside certainly counts, there’s something to be said for your home’s curb appeal, and one of the best ways to maximize your home’s exterior beauty is installing brand-new siding. Thanks to new and improved siding technologies, today’s materials are typically available in a vast range of colors and textures, allowing you to select a look that precisely reflects your sense of style.

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