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5 Signs Your Windows Aren’t Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient windows are great for maintaining the temperature and noise level of your home. They can also protect your furniture and décor from harmful UV rays, generally require less maintenance, and are one of the most cost-effective ways to lower your energy bills. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder more and more New Jersey homeowners are starting to become conscious of how their windows are doing these days.

Whether you’ve just moved into a new house or have been living in your North, Central, or South Jersey home for decades, it’s a good idea to check your windows regularly and make sure they’re in peak condition. Here are five giveaways that yours may lack energy efficiency and are candidates for replacement:

  1. DRAFTS Do certain parts of your house always feel colder than others? If you put your hand next to a nearby window and feel air coming through, it’s a major sign that your window is faulty. This makes it harder to heat and cool your home, affecting not just your monthly costs but also how comfortable your home feels — especially during those frigid winter and hot summer months.
  2. MOISTURE AND MOLD Older, energy-inefficient windows lose the ability to keep out and absorb moisture. When this happens, you’ll notice misty, frosty windows, which indicates that water is building up in-between the glass panes. This can also lead to mold around the window frame and even on the wall surrounding the window.
  3. DAMAGED WEATHERSTRIPPING How does the weatherstripping and sealant look on your windows? If they’re peeling, cracked, or discolored, these components probably aren’t doing their job as well as they used to, allowing air, moisture, and light to escape through.
  4. TOO MUCH NOISE Single-paned or single-glazed windows are inherently not as energy efficient as newer models with double- or triple-glazing, and they let in more noise. Can you hear your neighbor’s lawn mower or passing cars passing louder than you’d like? If so, it could be because of the windows.
  5. HIGHER ENERGY BILLS As already mentioned, higher-than-average energy bills means there’s an opportunity to install more efficient windows. It’s a good idea to compare your monthly energy costs with your neighbors’ or the previous years’ bills to see how your home is performing.

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