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8 Bathroom Updates That Make Life Easier For Big Families

If you have a big family, you know how challenging the bathroom situation can be. From racing each other down the hall to see who gets there first to lining up outside the door every morning, bathrooms are often a point of contention. But with a few simple changes and some help from Bellari, you can transform your bathroom into a more functional space that accommodates everyone’s needs.

  1. Add another sink. In this case, two sinks are always better than one. Swap out a pedestal sink for a double vanity or countertop. This allows more than one person to brush their teeth or wash their face at once.
  2. Get a bigger tub. For families with small children, this tip can be especially useful. A larger tub will make it easier to bathe multiple kids at once without anyone feeling cramped.
  3. Choose the right surfaces. Not all tile, hardware and flooring are created equal. Some materials are designed specifically with durability in mind to withstand high-traffic use. Additionally, surfaces that are easy to wipe clean and maintain are sure to come in handy.
  4. Keep the toilet separate. If possible, put up walls and separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom. By closing off the toilet, other people can come and go as needed.
  5. Open up the walking space. Sometimes the bathroom floor plan is to blame for functionality issues. You might be able to reposition the tub, sink, and toilet to create more room for several people at a time.
  6. Put vanities elsewhere. If mornings are slowed down by multiple individuals applying makeup and styling hair, try updating closets and bedrooms with separate vanities. This will help reduce some of the bathroom traffic and create a more peaceful space to primp.
  7. Enhance shower privacy. While glass-enclosed shower stalls can save space and look nice, they may not be ideal for big families, as the see-through glass prevents anyone else from being able to use the bathroom when someone is showering. Opt for a traditional shower/tub combo with an opaque curtain instead.
  8. Add more storage. Storage is key for big families. If your shelves are overflowing, consider adding wall-mounted cabinets. You’ll have more room for towels and toiletries without sacrificing floor space.

A smart, stylish bathroom remodel can save time and stress. If you live in North, Central, or South Jersey and you’re ready to revamp your space, contact Bellari at [company-phone id=1]. Our expert team can answer your questions, provide information about warranties and financing, and create a custom design that’s just right for you and your family.