Different Types of Doors for Your Home

green front door

Doors come in a variety of colors, sizes, materials and designs, and your choice should be dependent on your personal preferences and where they will be placed in the home. 

Some of today’s most common options include:

  • SteelSteel doors are filled with energy-efficient core insulation, making them effective for both indoor and outdoor applications. The metal is resistant to corrosion, shrinking and warping, and can also be painted any color. Maintenance is easy and usually just requires a wipe-down using your preferred cleaning solution.
  • FiberglassFiberglass doors are as energy-efficient as steel, less prone to dings and can be easily maintained. They can usually be custom ordered in a greater variety of designs than steel doors. Wood-grain texture can be molded to give fiberglass doors a more natural look, especially after painting and staining.
  • Solid Wood: Solid wood doors are a classic choice that offer a more rustic feel. Because of their size and weight they tend to be very sturdy. Exotic woods are more expensive than simple composite options, but come in a wide variety of colors and stain options.

No matter your choice of material, your design options are almost limitless. All door types are available with or without glass and accents to fit a number of styles. If you’re going for something more contemporary, large front windows let in natural light and offer a minimalist aesthetic. Traditionalists might prefer ornate accents around their entryway or heavy wood doors with wrought iron fixtures. Find a design that works best for your home and style.


Your doors not only improve your home’s aesthetic, but upgrade your security as well. Modern doors are constructed to resist forced entry and keep your family safe. Steel doors are particularly secure because of their durability and resistance to bending or denting. If your door contains large sheets of glass some manufacturers offer glazing, or mesh placed between multiple layers, to prevent shattering and decrease the chance of break-ins.

Weather Resistance

Entryway doors need to endure more than just regular use. Your home should be secure enough to stand up to storms and whatever else nature throws at you. Once again, steel doors are a solid and effective option, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions and requiring little maintenance if repairs or cleanup are required. Fiberglass is similarly resistant to weather and any potential scratches or dents that might occur due to windswept debris. Wood doors can survive most situations, but should be properly treated to withstand high moisture or other intense conditions.

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