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The Top 4 Small Details that Make a Big Difference in Bathroom Design

You probably think of utility first when considering the design of your home’s bathrooms, but this often overlooked space has so much potential for style and functionality. From layout and fixtures to aesthetic choices, it’s easy to create a custom design that’s truly unique. Not sure which little details mean the most? Consider a few of Bellari’s best bathroom detail design tips to get started.

  1. Have fun with the walls.

There are many options for bathroom walls, so the only true limits are your creativity and budget. Paint, wallpaper and tile offer diverse choices, and backsplashes can add a pop of color and flair that’s sure to catch the eye. Another thing to keep in mind: you can mix and match tile selections. For example, a new pattern behind the sink is a great way to add visual interest, while contrasting colors can make your floors stand out.

  1. Think about shower shelves and accessories.

There’s more to a shower than just the faucet and drain. Do you need a stool for comfort and safety? Built-in shelves or recessed nooks? Large families can benefit from the organization provided by flexible storage options, but even smaller family units will appreciate the neatness of ledges and cubbies that prevent cluttered, crowded products.

  1. Add plenty of storage.

Bathrooms need to have a lot of storage. You might need to store everything from towels and toiletries to candles and cosmetics. First aid gear, medications, and cleaning supplies are often kept in a bathroom as well. Depending on your needs, one cabinet under the sink may not be enough. So explore your storage options and don’t forget to leave open wall space for towel racks. In addition, think about closed storage versus open storage – there might be things you want to keep out of sight and others you want to display.

  1. Match the hardware.

Another tip is to pick out matching hardware. The towel racks, drawer pulls, door knobs, faucets, and even the lighting fixtures should all match or at least complement each other to ensure a cohesive look. With choices ranging from classic elegance to modern cool, it’s easy to make any hardware reflect your home’s personality.

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