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Top 8 Uses for Your New Sunroom

Sunrooms are extremely versatile. They’re a great place to enjoy natural light, warmth, and scenery from the comfort of indoors. And thanks to new technologies, like UV-resistant windows, hassles like weather, insects, and temperature fluctuations don’t have to get in the way of homeowners enjoying their sunroom to the fullest.

But if you’re not sure how your family will use a new sunroom, you might be hesitant to commit to this home improvement. Check out these tips from Bellari on smart ways to make the most of your home’s sunroom.

  1. Home Office: If you work from home or have children in school, converting the sunroom into an office is a wonderfully functional use of the space. Surrounded by windows, you can look up from your desk and enjoy a beautiful view anytime.
  2. Dining Room: A sunroom can become a charming breakfast nook or a spacious dining room for holidays, birthday parties, and day-to-day meals.
  3. Guest Room: Add a bed, dresser, and some curtains to make your guests feel at home anytime they come to visit.
  4. Art Studio/Craft Room: What’s more inspiring than nature? Whether you love painting, knitting or paper crafting, a sunroom can be the perfect spot to dedicate to your hobbies.
  5. Playroom/Game Room: If you have young kids, keep all their toys in the sunroom. That way, they can still play outside when temperatures drop or rain falls. When the kids leave for college, the playroom can easily become an entertaining space with a pool table or bar.
  6. Home Library: Love books? A sunroom is a great opportunity to create the home library you’ve always wanted. Use short bookcases, so that you can still enjoy the view, and add in some cozy chairs or couches to read on.
  7. Home Gym: Keep yoga mats, treadmills, and weights in your sunroom. Even if it’s a rainy day, you can still get your workout in with beautiful views of the outdoors.
  8. Lounge: Why not make your sunroom the social hub of your home? With comfortable couches, a stylish rug, and a coffee table, guests will naturally gravitate to this welcoming space.

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