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Why Choose a Glass Entry Door?

Glass panel doors are one of the most popular styles for the entryway, especially in modern and contemporary homes. And it’s easy to see why. The wide range of styles and the natural sunlight they let in can benefit the home—both inside and out. Here are some common reasons why New Jersey homeowners have continued to love glass entry doors over the years.

  1. They’re beautiful. Doors with glass panels offer a sleek, elegant look that complements your home’s interior and exterior and presents a very different appearance than a solid door. They’re a great way to give your guests a positive first impression before entering your home.
  2. They let in natural light. Even if the glass is frosted or pebbled for privacy, it still helps the space feel more bright and welcoming.
  3. They offer a great view. Imagine looking out your front door and seeing blue skies on a summer day or a snowy winter scene. The glass panels allow you to welcome nature into your home, without ever having to open the door.
  4. They’re easy to maintain. Glass entry doors, especially full-glass entry doors, are often preferred because they’re easy to clean. Glass doesn’t warp or rust and will keep your home looking beautiful for years to come.
  5. They’re highly customizable. You can select a single, full-length glass panel, a small glass panel, or several panels. You can leave the glass clear or add flair with a frosted coating or decorative design. To make the front door stand out even more, you can also frame it with elements like:
    • Sidelights – Sidelights (sometimes spelled “sidelites” are the glass panels located on the sides of the door. Depending on size, orientation, and preference, some people opt for a left or right sidelight, or both.
    • Transom – A transom is a section of glass on top of the door. Because it’s so high up, many homeowners leave the glass clear for an uninterrupted view of the yard.
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